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Karla Contreras

Dallas, TX, USA

I am Karla Contreras, owner of OP/EN Body Concepts and Founder of OP/EN method. I have been teaching movement for 30 years. Our collective idea of body posture, exercise and well being is directly related to our emotional state and core beliefs. Limited range of motion, discomfort and chronic pain in the body can be rooted in these core beliefs and emotional states.

From taking pills to relieve pain and discomfort, to abusing our soft tissue rolling on a foam roller, or forcefully “stretching” our body, we create more damage and stress in the system. We disconnect from our bodies. We don’t allow the body to communicate to us, to express and feel, and let it lead the way to vibrant health.

A very effective way to reconnect to ourselves and address pain and discomfort in the body is by reintegrating and unifying our structure. Which will also benefit our minds and emotional states. Regaining mobility, adaptability, increases resilience and energy levels.

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