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Jennifer De Clercq

Calgary, AB, Canada

After 15 years in commodity customer service and corporate training, Jenny made a career change to massage therapy. She graduated from the Mount Royal College Massage Therapy program in 2005. Shortly after, she added Hot Stone Therapy and Shiatsu to her practice.

In 2017, Jenny made the decision to get focused on her own self care. She was receiving various forms of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage, combined with random physical activity.  But she was not getting long lasting, definitive change. As a result, she hired a professional athletic coach and dedicated herself to changing her body composition and structure through intensive training and nutrition. Even though she felt strengthened and inspired to support others in achieving their fitness goals, she wished for balance in her own movement.

Upon discovery of  Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, it was a perfect fit for her own personal mission and where she wanted to direct her career. After experiencing the dramatic results of the 12 series,  she went on to earn certification in 2020. As a new grad, she brings fresh enthusiasm to her practice.

Jenny looks forward to working with people who seek change, not only in their physical structure, but also emotional balance, strength, and flexibility.  Jenny firmly believes in many cases, the body can heal itself with a strong and stabilized posture; supported by proper nutrition, movement, and rest.

Jenny enjoys a balanced lifestyle with interests including hiking, travelling, weight training, yoga, and clean eating.

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