Jason Allen Wright

New Haven, CT, USA

Our work together

Our work together will be a process of changing how you use your body and strengthening the new patterns of use. Our strategy will utilize various approaches in deep tissue massage and personal training, and a strong component will be the integration of posture and movement skills into your daily life. The change in your body and how you use it will be gradual, powerful, and life changing; and although this sort of work can be quite challenging at times, it is also pleasant and invigorating.

In the consultation process we will develop a plan that will involve a finite number of deep tissue massage and personal training sessions. Throughout our work I will be available for clarification as questions arise. As our work nears completion I will advise you on maintaining the benefits obtained from our work. Afterwards, I will continue to serve you as a resource for health and fitness advice.


Our therapeutic relationship will begin with a simple phone consultation in which we will discuss what changes in your body you wish to experience and how I may be able to help you. If my services seem like a good fit then we will make an appointment for an in-person consultation at my office. In this meeting we will start by discussing in greater detail what you wish to change about yourself. We may then explore your health history and assess how you are using your body through observation of your posture and movement patterns, experimentation with these patterns, and specific tests. At this point we will be better prepared to decide if working together will be beneficial and we may try a session. At the conclusion of this session no payment will be accepted, and no other appointments will be scheduled. Instead, we will both take a few days to reflect on the session, after which we will discuss over the phone the possibility of continuing our work together and what the rest of our work would look like (bodywork or personal training, duration, frequency, etc.). If we do decide to continue working together we will book the next appointment, after which you may pay for both sessions. If either of us decides for any reason not to continue working together then no payment will be accepted at all, and instead a referral to another health and fitness professional will be made.

Consultations are complimentary

The fee for deep tissue massage therapy is $150/session

The fee for personal training is $100/session

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