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Jaret Brooks

Coconut Creek, FL, USA

Since the age of six, Jaret Brooks had an extraordinary awareness of the world around him. He always knew that he was here to help others and naturally embodied a gift of performing. Over time, he developed a passion for one of the most powerful forms of healing art in existence . . . . music. Along his journey, music was a primary way Jaret would connect to something higher than himself. He toured and uplifted audiences while using his voice and various instruments to further explore the possibilities for healing via sound frequencies and tones.

In 2003, Jaret continued his mission as a healer by becoming a massage therapist. It was clear to him that the next extension of his divine path involved learning about body/light work. After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health with a degree in Massage Therapy, Jaret wanted to know more about how the body energetically operated.

He decided to expand his training by mastering Orthopedic Massage and Reiki. Continuing his knowledge of the myo­fascial meridians in the human body, he then became a certified Structural Integrator in the Tom Myers Method. In 2011, Jaret was fully initiated by Ankuphara and became a Yotolon Mystery School Facilitator and Holonomic Healing Practitioner. After years of studying with grand Masters Will I AM and Tom Meyers, Jaret drew inspiration to develop a complete healing system known as Vibration Integration. He and his colleagues continue to make dynamic breakthroughs in the bio­science of healing arts in order to create the necessary tools and technologies needed to experience the next level in vibrational heath.

He enjoys helping people reunite with their true nature and access the gift of self­ realization. Currently, Jaret Brooks practices and teaches Vibration Integration throughout the world.

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