• Structural Integration

Ingrid Bregand

Tucson, AZ, USA

After managing 10 years in the hospitality industry in Belgium, Ingrid studied and then taught Structural Bodywork with Amber Burnham at the Utah College of Massage Therapy (2003-2007). Moved by the profound changes Structural Integration can have on one’s body, wellbeing and overall one’s Life, she pursued further education with Tom Myers and graduated in 2007 from his Anatomy Trains Structural Integration program. Now in Tucson, AZ, she offers this thorough process towards restored ease and movement to a diverse clientele. Together, she and her clients partner to address persistent pain, expand their body awareness, improve posture and movement, and to deepen their sense of structural and emotional integrity. The body’s continual process, it’s intelligence, adaptability and organization (or compensation) fascinates her deeply. Her work is constantly updated by readings and studying in Human Structure, Structural Integration and Somatic Education. Ingrid is a (com)passionate therapist moved by her clients’ pursuit of awareness and their desire to grow. Each client’s unique process fuels her passion for this work.

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