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Ginny Hartnett

Hampton, NH, USA

Ginny started in the fitness industry when she taught her first aerobics class in 1990. While raising a family in the Seacoast of NH, she began working with older active adults in both group fitness classes and personal training. After taking a workshop on fascia and its role in movement and gait she was very excited to bring some new strategies to share with her clients. It was at this workshop that Ginny learned about Anatomy Trains® — a way of looking at the body’s soft tissue as long myofascial chains, not individual muscles. With a strong desire to get hand-on with the fascial system, Ginny attended massage therapy school, additional fascial-based trainings, and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) certification. It is the puzzle of unwinding bodily compensations that interest her most and keep her going back to learn more. Ginny currently works out of the Seacoast Heath Collective building in Hampton, NH.
Ginny believes that when collaborating with a client, greater clarity of how the body exists in and negotiates the space around it can be gained. “A dialogue between two intelligent systems” is the mantra at ATSI training, and this still holds true. While client movement is key during SI sessions, the movement a client does between sessions is just as important.

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