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Flo Niedhammer

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Flo is an experienced yoga teacher hosting retreats and teacher trainings worldwide and he also teaches a lot of content online. Yoga is the practice to guide us back to peace and harmony to help us to remember who we truly are. Structural integration not only supports this path on all levels, but it also adds a much deeper understanding of anatomy, which is why he decided to add bodywork to his offerings to the people.

Flo’s previous career was in computer engineering where he holds a master’s degree. He then transitioned into yoga full time and traveled the world for several years teaching yoga, living out of a backpack and building a global community. He is currently a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is specialized in many different movement methodologies. Flo currently trains, lives and practices out of Las Vegas, NV.

We often get on to the journey to our true self through the physical, which is why holistic movement and bodywork are a great entry on the path that leads us spiraling deeper to our true peace and center within our hearts. From there we can feel better, act better, and show up as our best selves each day.

Contact Flo through email at bodyworkwithflo@gmail.com, his website www.breatheandflow.org/si and practice with him online www.youtube.com/breatheandflow.

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