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Fern Strahan

Huber Heights, OH, USA

Fern is located 10 minutes from downtown Dayton Ohio and maintains a private practice in Huber Heights.  She has always been a physically active person, playing basketball while serving overseas in the Air Force, and after raising a family, was a half marathon runner, rowed competitively and competed in Olympic Weightlifting.  She earned her certification for Structural Integration from Anatomy Trains after discovering that her body did not hold up well to physical activity of any kind.  She began searching for answers.

“My body did not hold up to activities that other people had no problem executing.  Walking my dogs was a big deal.  I was not resilient or energetic.  My posture was misaligned.  I felt that my posture was creating undue stress of my body, zapping my energy and I sensed that this was somehow connected to the way I was feeling physically.  I was unsure where to turn.”  Fern became curious after trying physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and several other modalities with little results.  She understood she was more than just a set of symptoms.  The universe led her to structural integration.  Having had the series done on herself, she noticed a profound shift in her own structure, better alignment, more resilience and energy and less pain in her body.  There was a heightened body awareness.  Everyday activities are no longer a big deal that leave her fatigued and sore.  She strives to bring this powerful type of healing to her clients by helping them move without pain, feel better in their body and do the activities they enjoy.

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