• Deep Tissue, Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Therapy, Structural Integration

Dagmar Zapletal

Dallas, TX, USA

In order to help my clients integrate a better sense of wellness in all parts of their lives–body, mind, and spirit, I take a holistic approach on this journey to wellness, rather than a reductionist one. You are more than your symptoms. I graduated from The Texas Massage Institute in 2007. After graduating, I served as an on-site therapist for a chiropractor office. Here, I blended a variety of modalities including Swedish, Sports and Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques.

Though I could treat and manipulate soft tissue effectively, and with beneficial results, it often felt as if I were merely treating symptoms. I yearned for a better understanding of how to affect change in the body as a whole. Eager for the larger picture, I completed the study of Kinesis Myofascial Integration in Portland, OR.

This powerful work appeals to me, because it not only focuses on establishing balance of the body as a whole and in gravity, but also dramatically alters a person’s structure and patterning, while bringing a greater sense of awareness to the client, and empowering them through movement education.


Proudly offering Kinesis Myofascial Integration to the Dallas,Tx area
Reiki since 2001
Reflexology since 2001
LMT-Graduated from Texas Massage Institute 2007
Trigger Point therapy since 2007
Equine Massage since 2007
Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques since 2011
Kinesis Myofascial Integration since 2013
Board Certified Structural Integrator since 2013

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