• Deep Tissue
  • Three year massage therapy diploma
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports therapy
  • Structural integration

Bryon Brewster

Toronto, ON, Canada

With an intense curiosity and a strong desire to help, Bryon has spent the last 8 years in the pursuit of true health and wellness. First completing a 3 year diploma in Massage Therapy, Bryon then branched out into Corrective Rehabilitative Exercise, Holistic Nutrition, Physical Therapy and finally finding a home within the highly effective world of Structural Integration. In total, Bryon has over 3500+ hours of Education and wishes to continue further interests of Visceral Massage, Cranial Sacral and the emotional-mental aspects of health and wellness. Whether you are looking to completely change your life, alleviate pain or simply want to feel more comfortable in your body; Bryon’s multifaceted approach can help you achieve whatever goals you may have.

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