Brad Yantzer

Sausalito, CA, USA

Brad has spent his entire professional life studying and being service to the form and function of the human being from purely mechanical lenses as well as from extremely esoteric and mystic traditions as well. All of this he brings to his work and his life. ATSI is a small part of the lens he sees thru as well as the modalities he uses.

Biomechanics is by far Brad’s forte seeing the world of movement in a much more vast light than just Western biomechanics but seeing it in a full system Spirikal Motion where all systems are connected intimately and effect each other intimately.

The main themes of Brad’s work rests in these platforms:

  • Body work (ATSI as well as other modalities working with connective tissues as well as the other bodily systems)
  • Movement work (Neuromuscular reeducation and biomechanically precise exercise and therapeutic movement)
  • Real Ayurveda (Living life in a conducive way to natural law based upon the individual)
  • Real Yoga (not just asana)

Subcategories are several powerful life guiding and changing modalities working from the subtle realms to the gross realms.

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