• Visceral Manipulation
  • Personal Trainer
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Structural Integration
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep Tissue

Barbara Mayr

Vienna, Austria

Born in Vienna, raised on the countryside of Salzburg with 3 sisters, 1 brother and lots of animals, Barbara moved at the age of 18 to Vienna to study Architecture. At the same time she started to dance (contemporary, modern jazz & ballet, hiphop, Axis Syllabus with Frey Faust) getting involved after a while with the Pilates Method.

Finally she decided to take the Pilates Teacher Training Course with Balanced Body / London, getting certified in 1998 and then opening her Pilates Akademie Studio.

Her architectural background, her talent to observe and “see”, her talent of “hands on guidance and touch” and the very precise wordings are making her training unique. Her holistic approach to body and movement, her never ending interest in anatomy keeps her attending anatomy classes as well as meeting Master Trainers in the Pilates field as well as Slings Trainers, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Laughing Yoga, and Reiki.

In 2009, Mike Doxey introduced her to Anatomy Trains and Barbara knew right away that this was what she was looking for for years!

In June 2012 Barbara got certified as STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION PRACTITIONER. Out of her daily practice as well as incorporating the “strokes” in her training sessions as well as taking continued education on visceral manipulation she knows since then that Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is the key to a faster, more profound and lasting result in better alignment, as well as in movement.

A large number of her clientele suffer from some type of chronic pain and they report great improvements after the 12 sessions. Those who decide to take the 3 sessions continue with the 12 sessions.

This work is for everybody who is willing to even out “bumps”, to work on themselves in order to live more comfortable and easier with their bodies. To live with a greater sensitivity, with harmony and respect towards their bodies and souls!


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