• Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Antje Korte

Hünxe, Germany

Based in the moving bodywork Antje owned a Pilates-Studio for 20 years.

In those years she always felt the necessity to add touch to the moving part of bodywork, in fact moving without touch as incomplete. With that idea in mind she enrolled for her first AT classes not expecting SI to be so much more.

She feels Structural Integration not only completes that void, but gives her work more depth than ever before. With biggest amazement she realized during her own process, how much SI not only frees the body from tissual restrictions, but helps to improve the clients emotional wellbeing and provides you a „home“ within your body, where you can feel safe and strong.

Antje completed her training in Amsterdam in 2022 and set her focus new accordingly.

Her main focus in her practise nowadays is SI in 12series as well as in 3series with an emphasis on supporting her clients to gain inner strength by connecting them to their DFL. She strongly believes that a deepend knowledge about yourself, your body and its needs, leads to a closer connection to yourself and a deeper ability of selfcare and selflove. Beside the manual techniques she learned from AT she can rely on her two decades of experience in deep stabilising movements.

In her practise Antje works with people of all ages and with all symptoms often referred to her from PTs, orthopedists or surgeons to regain body strength condition and to change movement patters after an acute situation. Her support is also often asked from people who want to work preventively.

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