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Alex Willen LMT, BCSI

Denver/Boulder, CO, USA

Since 2008, Alex has been active in the Metropolitan NYC area in fitness-product testing, human performance, or Structural Integration. He is dedicated in supporting those invested in enhancing their lives, finding their flow, and bringing their best selves to the world. Through hands-on bodywork and client participation, they work together to address connective tissue imbalances, freeing the binding and shortening of connective tissues in the fascial network, and re-educating the body in efficient and energy-conserving patterns. Previously a semi-professional rugby player, he is regularly active with functional movement, running, hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and parenting.
Alex operates out of various locations throughout the Boulder and Denver counties. Sessions can also be held at homes if geographically feasible. Enough space for a massage table and small chair, with the solitude to focus on the work for a session to be productive is also needed.

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