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Alex Willen LMT, BCSI

Boulder/Fort Collins, CO, USA

Alex Willen’s Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI/SI) bodywork practice is rooted in mindfulness and is directed at providing relief, balance, awareness, and education. Alex has extensive bodywork and corrective exercise training including certifications in functional movement and functional anatomy, calisthenic training, fascia release, and much more.

Alex’s approach to connection is centered around a mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy model called Hakomi. The Hakomi method can be described as assisted self study. Alex’s other studies include consciousness, change management, goal setting, psychedelic integration, and more.

Leveraging years as a professional, with first-hand experience in a variety of modalities and medicines, Alex brings a lifetime of personal self-growth and healing to his practice. Alex has a proclivity to help clients’ break through barriers and a perpetual drive to better support lasting positive change in the world.

Alex’s background also includes competing as a semi-professional athlete, and working in mechanical engineering and management. Alex’s calling to support others in their wellness and healing finds him physically in service of the Fort Collins and Boulder communities, and remotely in service of communities world-wide.

When not working with clients, Alex can be found playing with his daughter Emmberlyn and son Maxwell, exploring Colorado and the surrounding area, getting into nature, partaking in community, studying the mind and body, and investing in his own wellness and healing.

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