Aimee Ratner

Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

Aimee has been studying with Tom and staff since 1995, becoming certified in 1999, as well as studying massage since 1994. All of her life, Aimee has been fascinated with how the body works, heals, integrates, and moves, especially when there has been an injury or surgery.

Aimee is an experienced athlete, actively interested in all sports, especially baseball, cycling, kayaking, and swimming. She is a certified SPIN instructor and water aerobics instructor with a related specialty in joint strengthening. With over two decades as a player and professional therapist in the field of sports, sports-training needs, and sports-related injuries, she is particularly passionate about working with other athletes and most enjoys helping people recover from joint injuries, including neck, back, and post surgical concerns. Her professional practice is enriched by a broad range of personal experiences in exercise training, numerous surgeries, physical and strength training, and the successful loss of over 100 pounds.

In her spare time, you’ll find Aimee at the beach, or deeply involved in the exploration of new interests that serve to give her a sense of personal fulfillment, broaden her professional skills, and expand the wealth of resources she can use to help her clients.

Aimee has completed the KMI Advanced practitioner training.

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