Join us for the KMI training being held for the 2nd time in Portland, OR, starting January 26, 2016. We are happy to be hosted by East West College, located in downtown Portland, convenient to all public transportation. The school made a welcoming home for our faculty and students in 2013, and we look forward to being there again. Supported by our experienced teaching and administrative staff, we will guide you into a new relation to your own body and to that of your clients, progressively building your skills and your understanding in making deep and lasting structural pattern change.

KMI Professional Certification is offered in three parts:

You may take each part separately, in consecutive order, as long as the next part is completed within 2 years of the previous part and based on space availability. Most people go through the full training with the same group.

For questions and inquiries, call our office at 888 546-3747 or email Stephanie at 


Part I – Structural Vision

Length: 75 hours, 8 days
January 26 – February 4, 2016

  • A coherent philosophy of manual therapy
  • BodyReading vocabulary and practice
  • Fascial planes and Anatomy Trains
  • Embryology and evolution of tissues, shape, and movement
  • The physiology of emotional release
  • Integrative techniques for the spine and neck

Part I is also open to yoga, Pilates and movement therapists as well as manual therapists, depending upon space availability.

The usual break between Parts 1 & 2 is about a month. Admission to Part 2 is at the discretion of the Part 1 instructors.

Part II – Structural Strategies

Length: 168 hours, 18 days – one 8-day and one 10-day session in successive months
March 8-17, 2016
April 18-29, 2016

  • Design to move – detailed 3-D anatomy
  • Extensive bodyreading practice
  • Tissue and movement assessment
  • Fascial and Myofascial technique immersion
  • Supervised instruction in a KMI 3-session series
  • “Work smarter, not harder” – body use

The usual break between Parts 2 & 3 can be 6 months but must be completed within 2 years.

  • Quizzes, review of client session notes, manual work assessment, and 2 short essays
  • All students, regardless of initial acceptance status, are assessed by the faculty and approved to move on from Part I to Part II and from Part II to Part III
  • Additional academic, practical or therapeutic work may be assigned as a condition to continue

Experienced manual therapists only are invited to continue through Parts II and III. See our qualifications and prerequisites below.

Part III – Structural Integration

Length: 275 hours, 30 days – three 10-day sessions in successive months
September 12-23, 2016
October 24 – November 4, 2016
November 30 – December 11, 2016

  • Supervised instruction in the 12-session KMI series
  • Full spectrum clinical application
  • Starting and building a practice
  • Each phase is scheduled approximately 3 weeks apart
  • Quizzes, review of client session notes, an overview essay, and manual work evaluation
  • Graduation is at the discretion of Part 3 instructors

Certification, website and directory listings are dependent on completion of all course work.


  • Part I – $2,200
  • Part II – $4,700
  • Part III – $6,600
  • Total – $13,500

Commit to all three parts and pay $12,500. Submit your application by November 20, 2015 to receive this $1,000 discount. $500 non-refundable deposit required with application.
Class size is strictly limited.

Qualifications and Prerequisites

  • Preference is given to those with 500 hours training, 3 years experience, and/or NCBTMB certification.
  • Experienced manual therapists only are invited to continue through Parts II & III. Exceptions on a situational basis are considered.
  • Prior attendance at an “Anatomy Trains for Manual Therapists” or an “Anatomy Trains I and II” workshop – no other courses may be substituted.
  • General familiarity with the Anatomy Trains concept
  • Proof of current license to touch (for LMT, PT, RN, OT et al) if required in the location where you plan to practice KMI.
  • All applicants must receive the KMI 12-series (or other SI 10-series) before beginning Part 1.