Tom Myers

Hello to our friends Down Under!

We are so pleased to be launching KMI in Australia in March of 2014, in both Sydney and Perth.

Please feel free to contact my friend, KMI practitioner, and local organizer Julie Hammond for all the logistical details, and explore our website for supporting webinars, articles and other information. As the class approaches, we will be feeding you specific preparatory material. (And get on board, because this train is leaving and – due to our faculty commitments in other countries – we will not be able to mount the next training in Oz until 2016.)

We are very proud of our version of Structural Integration – which we call KMI – and of our training in this discipline. KMI melds the art, science, and craft of deep bodywork into a sum that is greater than its parts. From the time of my initial training with Ida Rolf – from 1974 – 1978 – I have been in love with this form of work, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with you. We have adapted Dr Rolf’s insights to the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridian map, developed the strategies for a variety of body-types, and promise a 21st century delivery of the materials for easier absorption. The postural, functional, emotional, and even spiritual changes I have been privileged to midwife in my clients over the intervening years has made for a satisfying and challenging career.

We hope you’ll join us for this journey – not always easy, but always rewarding.

– Tom Myers

For questions and inquiries, call our office at 888 546-3747 or email Julie Hammond at 


Part I – Structural Vision with Tom Myers

Perth 2-5 March 2014
Sydney 8-11 March 2014

  • A coherent philosophy of manual therapy
  • BodyReading vocabulary and practice
  • Fascial planes and Anatomy Trains
  • Embryology and evolution of tissues, shape, and movement

Part II – Structural Strategies with James Earls

Module One:
Perth 2-6 May 2014
Sydney 9-13 May 2014

Module Two:
Perth 18-22 July 2014
Sydney 25-29 July 201

Module Three:
Perth 15-19 October 2014
Sydney 22-26 October 2014

Module Four:
5-14 December 2014
(Days off 8-9 December)

  • Designed to move – detailed 3-D anatomy
  • Tissue and movement assessment
  • Fascial and Myofascial technique immersion
  • Supervised instruction in a KMI 3-session series

Part III – Structural Integration with Lou Benson and John Smith

Session One:
17 April – 4 May 2015
(Days off 23, 24, 29 April)

Session Two:
17 May – 3 June 2015
(Days off 23,24,29 May)


  • Part I – $1,200
  • Part II – $5,500 – or $1,250 ea. for first 3 modules
  • Part III – $6,600 (includes IASI memberhship)
  • Total – $12,750*

* $1,000 discount if paid in full by 2 March 2014. A $500 non-refundable deposit required with application. Contact Julie Hammond for payment options