Yaron Gal Carmel

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Teacher

Certified to teach: 

  • Anatomy Trains Structure and Function
  • Structural Essentials (ATSI Part 1)
  • Structural Strategies (ATSI Part 2) 
  • Structural Integration (ATSI Part 3) 

Yaron Gal Carmel has worked as a bodyworker since 1987 and trained in numerous bodywork modalities in Israel, Europe and the US. Yaron studied extensively with Tom Myers and is certified in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI, formerly known as KMI) in 1999. Yaron has also served on the faculty of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Massachusetts, where he has taught anatomy, kinesiology and Thailand massage. He teaches certification courses in Thailand Traditional Massage, as well as his own method, “Thai-S.I.,” which marries Thailand Massage to Structural Integration.