Olga Romanova

Anatomy Trains in Motion Certified Teacher

Certified to teach:

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion
  • Slings Myofascial Training

Olga’s entire professional career as a movement teacher is related to motion. She started off as an aerobics instructor for power and dance classes. It was then when she began questioning why people move, feel their bodies and react differently to training. What causes pain, how to deal with it and how to initiate movement safely but effectively?

2009 was a turning point in Olga’s practice as she was introduced to Pilates. Later, in 2015 she came across Polestar Pilates and suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle came together. She found answers to many questions, but more questions came up and they were even more challenging.

Tom Myers’ concept of Anatomy Trains and Karin Gurtner’s work on Slings Myofascial Training helped Olga to deepen the understanding of her work. Now she knows with certainty that the human body is a unique system designed for life and survival. This system can move extraordinarily and graciously, adapt to all possible conditions and most importantly heal itself.

Two important questions she asks herself in her work now: “What is the purpose? And “how?” Precisely these questions add depth and meaning to the trainings she designs, make them personalised, interesting and effective.

Olga believes studying the human body is one of the most exciting journeys that one can take. She’s happy to be on this journey but there is still a long way for her to go!