Kelly Chadwick

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Teacher

Senior Teacher Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Program

Certified to teach: 

  • Structural Essentials (ATSI Part 1)
  • Structural Strategies (ATSI Part 2)
  • Structural Integration (ATSI Part 3)

Kelly Chadwick has been practicing manual bodywork since 2005. Following a career in community mental health administration and crisis counseling, she developed her passion for structural bodywork as a student in the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration program. Kelly has been teaching ATSI courses since 2008. She is enthused by the emotional and spiritual changes that occur with the structural integration process. Her focus is working with children and teens, however she sees clients of all ages. She maintains a private practice at Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts Bodywork for the Soul near Cincinnati, OH.