Alexia Langley

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Teacher

Certified to teach:

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function

Alexia lives in the Perth Hills in Western Australia, where she runs her own health business which combines both remedial and naturopathic services to her clients.  After spending 15 years in the IT industry, Alexia decided she wanted to do more meaningful work, and so went to study Naturopathy.

As part of her Naturopath course she was introduced to massage, was surprised at how much she enjoyed the work, so after completing her Naturopath qualification continued straight on to study remedial massage.  Inspired by her myofascial release lecturer and wanting to keep learning and seeing more about people’s movement and body patterns (and not just “massage” people), Alexia then jumped straight from her remedial massage qualification in to an Anatomy Trains workshop, realised that it opened up many more questions and possibilities, and went through the whole Structural Integration training immediately following the completion of her remedial massage course.

Under the support and guidance of Julie Hammond, Alexia then went on to assist in Anatomy Trains workshops.  She believes that assisting is not just about learning to be a teacher, but continuing to learn, explore and dive deeper into the world of not just Anatomy Trains, but anatomy, the human body, and connecting it all together.  Assisting has enhanced her understanding, helped her see and feel more in her practice.

Alexia enjoys CrossFit in her spare time and is constantly taking what she learns about movement in the sport, and what she learns within the Anatomy Trains concepts, and puts them together both for her clients and for her to continue to learn more about movement patterns, and loves to use all the information she learns to teach her clients about their own bodies.

She has recognised that she is very much a problem solver, and has loved the change from problem solving machines, to problem solving the complex and exciting world of the human body in a holistic way.