Alexandra Kizbiy

Anatomy Trains in Motion Certified Teacher

Certified to teach:

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion
  • Slings Myofascial Training

Alexandra’s entire life was sports and motion. She was born into a sportsmen family. Since childhood she was doing gymnastics professionally and switched to Kyokushinkai karate at the age of 26. Constant training shaped her pattern of motion and as well lead to physical injuries.

She started to ask herself “why is this happening? Why do certain moves cause injuries to the perfectly fit body?”. She started to look for clues and psychology was one of them. She went to the University to study psychology while actively pursuing a fitness trainer career.

Doing a lot of exercise herself and coaching others, she was keen to understand why certain people tend to move more freely and benefit physically from training, while others don’t. She was blending her knowledge of psychology into the training process but even with this approach not all answers could be found.

Looking for a more profound understanding of bodily motions Alexandra joined the Polestar Pilates (USA) training. She graduated in 2014 as Polestar Pilates educator and opened her own Pilates studio in Moscow the same year.

Improving her skills, practicing and observing progress she finds clues to the difficult questions in the concepts of Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers and in Slings Myofascial Training by Karin Gurtner.

These courses improve the body’s freedom of motion and functionality; and clarify a lot in regard to anatomy. Alexandra is constantly improving her skills and knowledge researching the body motion more in-depth; and her findings lead to even more sophisticated questions.