Alexa Nehter

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Teacher / Anatomy Trains in Motion Certified Teacher

Certified to teach

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion
  • Slings in Motion I

Alexa Nehter is an Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner, experienced yoga instructor, and Slings Myofascial Training teacher, known for her accessibility, dedication for teaching and her insatiable passion for the human body in motion.

The German native graduated from the European University of Flensburg with a double degree in Physical Education (major Sport Psychology) and Biology (major Human Biology) before moving to Australia, where she trained with Anatomy Trains under the tutelage of Julie Hammond and Lou Benson; and soon after with the art of motion Academy under Muriel Morwitzer and Karin Gurtner.

Alexa has worked as a senior high school teacher, as well as a movement educator since 2008, teaching at conferences and festivals internationally, leading fascia-focused yoga teacher trainings, workshops and wellness retreats, which naturally lead her to the work of Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner.

Today, if not traveling and teaching for Anatomy Trains Australia and art of motion, Alexa enjoys the ocean and the Karri forests of the beautiful Southwest coast of Western Australia, where she offers her services in a small, lively practice. Working with her clients Alexa combines the very specific, yet very holistic aspects of AT Structural Integration and Slings myofascial training.