Resilience of the Big Movement Rocks: Take the Strain and Come Back Stronger

$525 / $450 before Sept 30

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  • October 28 – 29, 2016
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
  • This course is intended for Courses with Tom Myers.
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Movement is a form of nutrition, and we live in a junk-food culture – a lot of sitting interspersed with the mono-diet of repetitive exercise.  Dive into the mind-body connection through the latest fascial research findings interspersed with applications through breathing techniques, stretching, and slowing down common exercises to see how they really work.  Learn how the limitations of the Big Movement Rocks of the foot and ankle complex, hips, and thoracic spine can create damaging compensations in others structures of the body.

We will explore the ‘big picture’ of whole-body systems to ease the unconscious and conscious blocks that rob our energy and freedom of movement. We now know our body is much more capable of change and development than was contemplated even 10 years ago.

This course will:

  • Confirm and challenge what you are doing and teaching through understanding the fascial properties of viscosity, elasticity, plasticity, and remodeling.
  • Provide you with better ability to observe & make useful interventions in your clients and yourself.
  • Provide mobilization patterns of the Big Movement Rocks to enhance global movements within the body.

Gain a greater understanding of how what you are doing works while training, and how to reduce risk of injury and develop corrective strategies to improve chronic injuries toward healing.  Learn to use your fascia for all it’s worth!

DatesOct 28 – 29, 2016
LocationFt. Lauderdale, FL USA
VenueHoly Cross Hospital
Address4725 North Federal Highway
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Class Times9AM - 5PM
Teacher(s)Tom Myers & Chuck Wolf
Tuition$525 / $450 before Sept 30
Credits EarnedCE approval pending from ACE, NASM, PMA and NCBTMB

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