Reclaiming Your Livelihood: Neurovascular Release as an Online Practice with Kieran Schumaker

2 CEs NCBTMB; 2 CEs IASI Cat. 1



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Reclaiming Your Livelihood: Neurovascular Release as an Online Practice, presented by Anatomy Trains certified teacher Kieran Schumaker

CEs: 2 CEs NCBTMB, pending approval; 2 CEs IASI Cat. 1

As manual and movement therapists, without permission to work in-person with our clients, we have spent many weeks (months) feeling adrift and at a loss. Most of us have been grieving the loss of connection with our clients, as well as the sense of purpose that we are used to getting through hands-on work, and our incomes have greatly suffered. Soon, many of us are looking forward to returning to our hands-on work (what a relief), yet it is likely that our more vulnerable and cautious clients will wait longer before seeing us in person. Realistically, we may be facing several years of practice disruption, and future stay-at-home orders are also possibly on the horizon. In the last three months, Kieran has adapted the strategies that are foundational to the Neurovascular Release approach that they teach, and they have developed a guided self-treatment method that uses client movement, simple hand contacts, and gentle stretching of the neurovascular tracts to reorganize and balance the body.

In this experiential online course, Kieran  Schumaker will introduce you to NVR by teaching you several techniques that you can immediately begin using with your own clients, either online or in your office. Kieran will also explain how posture is typically organized to protect the neural and vascular networks, which will put a brand new perspective on the myofascial meridians that you have been studying. Within the hour, you will experience a sense of lift and grounding, and it is likely you will feel more centered and balanced—better organized. This isn’t some kind of online yoga instruction, but you can use these concepts in your yoga practice, and your body will want to do some yoga or integrative movement after NVR self-treatment. (If you are a movement teacher, these techniques will naturally become part of your teaching repertoire.)

With metaphor and real-life examples, Kieran loves to explain the relevant neural and vascular anatomy for her work, revealing a practical structural basis for what feels like magical results. Kieran hopes this experience will inspire you to want to work with clients online, after you see how you can influence and change body structure by working remotely via Zoom. As you take these concepts and techniques into your practice—whether you are a movement teacher or a manual therapist—this lesson will continue to teach you that mindful attention, lighter effort, and anatomical knowledge, are powerful helpers when you are working toward structural change. Kieran’s unique approach to structural bodywork marries the concepts and subtle touch of osteopathy with the goals and strategies of structural integration.

This webinar includes a PDF of the techniques discussed.

Hear from students who took this course live online:

I wanted to express my gratitude for the offering of Kieran Shumaker’s presentation for therapists. In a short amount of time we were able to realize what a few well placed hands with movement can do for helping the body.

It was a valuable experience and especially enjoyable was Kieran’s style of direct, easily understood communication, and they did not talk down to us. 

Thank you again.

Diane M Urquhart, BCSI, LMT

I attended “Reclaiming your Livelihood: Neurovascular Release as an online practice” webinar today.  I wanted to Thank you for the opportunity.  The information was very well presented and very easy to follow and practical.  I appreciated the examples and instruction and I am excited to practice.  I would love to know more about courses offered by Kieran. Thank You!

Sonja Barrera

 I really enjoyed learning about Neurovascular Release from Kieran Schumaker.  I’ve been practicing massage for 15 years and have taken Anatomy Trains classes over the years and never heard of Neurovascular Release.  It was really fascinating and I did get relief in my neck and some change with the rib work.

I felt Kieran gave really good verbal cues and provided some valuable advice. 

Diane Evans

This is a recording of a live online webinar Kieran delivered on June 19, 2020

Run time: Approximately 2 hours


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