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Kevin J. Kula

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Kevin is the Director of the CrossFit Scottsdale Flexibility Program and holds Five CrossFit Coaching Certifications. Kevin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer, and Business Owner (Ready State Fitness). In January 2012, Kevin’s CrossFit Journal article, “Moving Beyond Muscle” was published describing the benefits of structural integration for CrossFitters. Kevin’s second article about Structural Integration and CrossFit was published in the 2013 IASI Yearbook, “Benefits of Structural Integration for CrossFit Athletes Competing in the Sport of Fitness”

In 2013 Kevin is publishing a book based around his system of Flexibility Training for CrossFit and is launching a Digital Magazine, “FlexibilityRx™” -­initiating a conversation with the top strength and conditioning experts about the interplay of Flexibility and Strength. Kevin can be reached at Kevin@FlexibilityRx.com

Employment History
Director of CrossFit Scottsdale Flexibility Program
Creator of FlexibilityRx™
Ready State Fitness (Business Owner)

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