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Georgia Evearitt

York, PA, USA

As a practicing RN for over 40 years, I am concerned about the health practices that I see many people adopting. I wanted to offer an alternative option for pain relief, structural misalignment and impaired movement. After some research, I opted to study massage therapy with an emphasis on myofascial release.

After graduating from Massage Therapy School I found Anatomy Trains which is based on the work of Ida Rolf and developed by Tom Myers and became Structural Integration practitioner in 2017. I find this work to be fulfilling for me and helpful to my clients in releasing painful myofascial restrictions, resulting in more ease of movement and improved structural cooperation.

I live in York, PA, still practice nursing part-time, have two grown daughters and 5 amazing grandchildren. Hobbies include Crossfit, reading, research, gardening, travel and attending endless swim meets.

I practice in both York and Lancaster, PA.

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