Conor Beliveau

Portland, ME, USA

Conor Beliveau is originally from Hallowell, Maine and graduated from Colby College in 2004. He has worked in many active professions over the last decade, including organic farming, commercial fishing, and carpentry. He is also an avid athlete and outdoorsman: surfing, rock climbing, hiking, basketball, and yoga are a few of his favorite pursuits. Receiving the Rolfing ™10-Series™ was Conor’s introduction to Structural Integration (SI), and through it he found an easier way to do the things he loved, relieving much of the chronic pain and tension that had accumulated from years of working and playing hard.

The experience moved him to study SI, a path that began at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO (where he completed a course in the Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration) and finished at Kinesis with a professional certification in KMI. His practice includes people from all walks of life and varieties of physical condition. He is particularly interested in working with athletes and active people of all types to help them better navigate their specific movements and tasks. Improved function is the goal, and his approach will meet you right where you are and get results that diminish chronic pain and tension and allow for better and easier movement.

He maintains a private practice in downtown Portland, Maine and is available to give educational talks about KMI to groups upon request. He offers a complimentary initial consultation. Visit his website for more information about his practice.

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