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Hamstrings: To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

I don’t want to say anything against my friend Michaelle, but Greg Lehman makes good points in this article: If You Want to Stretch Your Hamstrings, Please Continue to Do So Greg is responding to this article, Stop Stretching Your Hamstrings!  Yoga is beset by ‘lore’. Sometimes research is the answer, sometimes not – I… Read more

Anatomy Trains Partners with Muscle & Motion

We are very pleased to announce that Anatomy Trains is partnering with Muscle & Motion to produce educational videos about the biomechanics of posture. I was very happy to meet Amit, the brain behind Muscle & Motion, on my recent trip to Tel Aviv, and here is our first take on a collaborative video, this… Read more



Istanbul is a city of hills, like Rome or San Francisco. Sprouting from these hills are towers. When I was here – first in 1970 as a hippie and then again in 1980 as a culture explorer, the towers were old – Ottoman watchtowers, follies, and minarets, of course, pairs of them pointing heavenward from… Read more

Reward Your Cerebellum – Move!

Using florescent cells from jellyfish as a marker, scientists have ‘discovered’ that the cerebellum – a remarkably difficult part of the brain to study, even though it is only 1/6th of the volume but contains 1/2 of the neurones – is part of the reward system.  We know the cerebellum is deeply involved with movement,… Read more


Usually i like to work first and be touristic after, but in Israel my first full day was doing the tourist triangle that everyone does, and I can see why. The biggest initial surprise in Israel is how good the food is – always fresh, plentiful, and very tasty. Last night we went from the… Read more


OK, maybe all of you already know this, but I was very impressed to find it out. I have been using the word ‘haoli’ – white guy, outsider – to describe myself when in Japan, Korea, or any Asian country. I was vaguely aware that it was slightly pejorative, but hell, I am as WASP-y… Read more

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