Macky Page

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Assistant

Macky is dedicated to working with people and their bodies, making change with awareness based therapies. She’s a board certified structural integrator, personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage therapist. She’s an outcomes-based therapist, interested in getting to the root causes of postural and movement patterns, pain and other inefficiencies by taking a systems based approach, rather than a symptom based approach. Macky is a voracious learner, committed to providing the best, most up to date care for every person that she works with. Equal parts science and spirit, she’s interested in the intersection of our structure and it’s function and is passionate about working with all bodies, body types and genders. She loves helping people move better, feel better and feel more at home and connected to their bodies while improving their relationship with gravity. Macky is based in Portland, Maine and wants to help you get curious about your body.