Jannie Cnossen

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certified Assistant

Certified to assist:
  • Anatomy Trains in Structure in Function
  • Structural Essentials (ATSI Part I)
I have completed the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration certification(formal KMI) in England 2016. I started assisting in 2017, which i love to do.
20 years ago I started a Shiatsu/massage practice Yn Balâns. By becoming a Structural Integrator it changed not only the way i am working, but also the way of thinking and living. I got caught in the myofascial web. As a massage therapist you don’t ask a lot of movement from your client. This change in working needed some time. It scared me first, but with the help of the wonderful ATSI teachers i got the tools to change.
Structural Integration with multidimensional puzzling is the base of my practice now in the Netherlands.
Sinds 2019 Yn Balâns expanded with the Yn Balâns Akademy which gives multidimensional learning.
Doing it yourself, feeling and experiencing yourself, that’s what you learn the most from, is my belief. I see education as a personal journey.  A journey full of experiences, interesting views and new perspectives, where feeling and experiencing yourself always come first. So focus all your senses, the more educational your own journey will become, which you will use daily as a therapist. I will try to assist you in that journey.